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Co-Author of the
✴ Coven Chronicles ✴

✴ Co-Publisher
✴ Editor-in-Chief
✴ Proofreader
✴ PR Expert & Media Representative
✴ Accountant & Finance Expert
Page Designer
Book Reviewer & Submission Analyst


Ever since I was a child, I've had a passion for story-telling.


I grew up in and around Nashville and the surrounding suburbs until I was old enough to co-sign on an RV with my mother. Together, we traveled the southeast searching for the next phase in our lives.


We found it next door in good ole South Carolina, though not in the ways we planned. This is where I first met Nia Rose. From there, Coven Chronicles was born. The world we helped create together strengthened our friendship, and our friendship spawned more ideas that bled into the early hours of the morning, broadening the boundaries we had placed on ourselves and our imaginations.

Currently, I'm pursuing my BA in English Language & Literature at Southern New Hampshire University, writing my third novel (the last installment in the Coven Chronicles), brainstorming ideas for a standalone, learning a second language, and working part-time. I have plans to teach English overseas one day, maybe find Mr. Right, and expand on the world I've come to love so much.
Who knows, though. Life is unpredictable. Just ask my characters.
- Octavia 

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