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Co-Author of the
✴ Coven Chronicles ✴

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✴ Co-Publisher
✴ Editor & Proofreader
✴ Creative Expert
- Graphic designer
- Concept designer
- Photoshop/Gimp expert
- Visual expert
- Photo editor
- Page designer
✴ Marketing, Promotions, Research, & Advertising Manger

Words are a powerful thing.

It was a sentence that stuck with me through all of my youth until today. I'm quite sure that it will never leave me. It is because of that sentence I embarked upon my writing journey. Books filled my childhood and reading still fills my adult life. But I can only hope to craft a tale that will etch me in the heart of a hungry reader like so many authors have effortlessly done before me. 

Of the many crazy things that I could say about myself, I can happily say that I am a proud mother of four beautiful children that light up my life and home with their laughter and tomfoolery. I have one fuzzy prince, Thor, the king of the hyper puppies, and one handsome (if I do say so myself) husband. If I had any weaknesses, it would be that I feel too much, I drink too much coffee, and I love with ALL of my heart.


With the temper of a red-headed battle mage, the sass of a rebel princess, and the street smarts of a rogue, I live my days in the comfort of those that I hold dear and the limitless worlds that I create to share with all of you.

May your books always give you the escape that you need.

Nia Rose

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