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Spellbound & Hellhounds
Coven Chronicles, book 1

Enter the world of Raen, turn left at the land of dragons, and you’ll find yourself in the country of Aeristria. A place overflowing with magic and creatures that were once only heard of in fairy tales. In the heart of Aeristria is the capital city, Tolvade. Here you will find shops and taverns, laughter and fun, runesmiths looking for their next job, and sneaky pickpocketing imps. Steer clear of the galloping gang of centaurs and you will see the headquarters of the prestigious Coven.

Within the Coven’s lower ranks, you’ll find Vanessa, a third-year Hunter itching to become a Spellweaver. She and her trusted demon partner, Botobolbilian, must investigate an explosion at the academy and bring the culprit responsible in. Easy job, right?


Vanessa and her partner find that this investigation runs deep in black magic and sprinkled with feral demon summonings. With countless lives on the line, Vanessa struggles with self-doubt and following her heart (and laws) as she tries to right the wrongs of these heinous criminals and bring them to justice before they do any more harm. But, with an oncoming yearly blizzard just days away, is it too late?

Even with all the magic, spells, and power on Raen, this job might be the last that this duo ever faces…

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Secrets of the Sanctuary
Coven Chronicles, book 2

Thea Bauer has earned her way to being a highly skilled member of the Coven. Ranked as a Spellweaver, she’s assigned the more dangerous missions. Corralling a herd of wild unicorns? No problem. Taking down a witch riding the high of black magic? Piece of cake. Finding out why magic-based creatures are suddenly flooding the local sanctuary, protected by a powerful sorceress with a hatred for the Coven? Thea might need more than her tethered demonic partner to see this mission through.


She calls upon Summoner Rafe MacBain, a trusted colleague she’s known for years whose dreamy eyes might keep her up at night—but she’s not admitting that to anyone. He’s got his own demonic companion, and altogether they’re a force to be reckoned with. But, even with their combined strength, it might not be enough against feral demons escaping some of the farthest reaches of Hell.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Thea must conquer her own demons residing within herself that conjure up a painful past. Will she be able to overcome herself, or will the memories she’s tried to stray from keep her from fighting enemies in the physical realm? Thea is starting to wonder if the sorceress may be one of those enemies too. What secret is she hiding at the bottom of the sanctuary, and how will it affect everything Thea has come to know?

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Spirits of the Black Forest
Coven Chronicles, book 3

Two weeks have passed since we’ve last seen our heroes as they received the news of hundreds of feral demon sightings. But the summoning circles have opened a lot more than just Coven drama in the world of Raen. With the annual blizzard having just ended, the people still aren’t clear of danger. The Coven is in chaos, and Vanessa and Bobo are widely known throughout for their previous achievements.

With the city in turmoil, the High Priest Council has ordered a mandatory curfew for the beings of Tolvade as Hunter scouts and Spellweavers roam the streets binding any feral underworld creatures they can find. Meanwhile, Vanessa, Bobo, Leon, and Lyx all try to resume their old life. Something that may be impossible with their newly assigned missions. One is just a simple routine checkup at the local sanctuary to gather information on a massive black magic spell, the other twists them down a dark road that somehow ends up giving them a lead on a potential de-summoning spell. There’s only one catch: It’ll take them into the heart of the infamous Black Forest.

Full of giant wolves, dangerous magic, and chock-full of secrets, the Black Forest is not a place for the faint of heart… actually, it’s not for anyone with a heart. If you are alive (in any sense of the word) the Black Forest was the last place you’d venture to if you wanted to keep it that way. If this suicide mission wasn’t difficult enough, each of our beloved characters is faced with inner battles that could shatter their bonds with one another.

Will the dynamic duo and their feisty friends manage to survive the darkness within and come back to Coven HQ with a spell that hasn’t been used in almost 200 years, or will they be lost within the forest forever?

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Sand Dunes & Blood Moons
Coven Chronicles, book 4

It’s been days since the sanctuary showdown. Feral demons are still on the loose. The ones that have been caught are pushing Zaraltrac Prison past its limits. The Coven is still picking up the pieces of the former blue cloaks’ betrayal. And Thea...Thea is bored. She hasn’t been given an assignment yet, and it’s driving her crazy to be kept away from the action.

That is until Second Chosen Winona waltzes into her presence once again, and she has more dirt on Thea than the Spellweaver ever thought possible.

Now she is given the choice: life in prison for her crimes, or be tasked with finding a cure for the incurable Medusa’s Kiss. Winona isn’t leaving them high and dry, though. She has a lead, but this will send both Thea and Rafe, now accompanied by two strange, not-so-new companions, into parts of Aeristria many have not visited before.

And what they discover will change their entire world as they know it.

But that’s not all. The clock is ticking on what little life remains in Cressida, and the cure for Medusa’s Kiss can surely cure the dark magic urges surging through her veins...or can it? As Thea and Rafe race after legends in the Golden Sea Desert looking for answers, the Coven is preparing for an all-out assault from the blood mages as the Blood Moon Festival draws nearer. Will Thea and Rafe make it back before the carnage kicks off, or will they find themselves in the heart of what could possibly be their last battle?

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Smoke, Lies, and Grimoires
Coven Chronicles, book 5

The world Vanessa once knew is shattered, and the scattered pieces that are left behind make up a dark and twisted path that is shrouded in mystery. Piece by piece, her past is revealed to her at a rate that makes her head spin. She doesn’t know whom to trust and whom to believe anymore.


As she comes to terms with all these things, our young witch finally gains a family heirloom that has been tucked away until the right time presented itself. A family grimoire. It holds more than spells and incantations. Between the old, leather bindings treasures are awaiting her. And that isn’t all. Answers to questions both new and old are found within its pages.


If tackling her family roots and magic weren’t going to be complicated enough, Vanessa still has work to do. A mission scroll that leads them back to Runerite Academy hurls her down a path full of villains hell-bent on the world staying in the chaotic mess that it is. All magic is hitting the fan as each truth unfolds. A stranger emerges seeking aid, the lies keep stacking up, never-ending attacks on their lives are made, and more black magic than the Coven knows what to do with all collide together as Vanessa tries to unravel the truth behind the case that started it all.


But the sand in the hourglass is running short, and it seems like war is on the horizon. Can they succeed in saving their world from the countless tragedies or are they going to die trying?

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Stones, Echoes, and Altars
Coven Chronicles, book 6

The Red Tipped Mountains have been shrouded in myth and mystery for centuries. No one dares venture up them—until now.

The Council has deemed Thea the only one capable of tracking down the last tablet needed to complete the Wild Hunt spell, and it just so happens to be deep in the alps. She will have to rely on herself and her teammates—some familiar, some not—as she navigates through unknown territory. Ambushes, predators that deceive, monsters that devour, and the unrelenting cold are but a taste of what the mountains have in store for her. She will come face-to-face with beings as old as time, truths long buried, and above everything else: dragons.

Will she make it back in time for the Wild Hunt spell, or will the mountains—and all that is lurking within them—swallow her whole? Meanwhile, vengeful blood mages are colluding in the shadows with ferals, and war is about to befall the city. One spell may turn the tide, but Thea will first have to face the cold reality of what happened the night of the Blood Moon Festival. She will need all of her wit, resolve, and determination to see this mission through.


A mission that could very well be her last.

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Horns and Halos

Beneath them all, you’ll find horrific secrets that we all hide. It’s lives. It’s souls. Scattered and countless, the dead have built towns, cities, and nations. They are forever damned in the afterlife because they wanted to live without fear. But did they really live without fear, or was it all an illusion?

A pact between devils is the only thing that keeps villages out in the desert-like land untouched by the scourge of this planet. The world we once knew is destroyed and what remains are those left behind trying to build homes to escape the reality that the end has already come. But are we any better than the creatures that loom, roam, tear, and destroy? Are we really worth saving?

At the age of nineteen, I was chosen and cast out of my village as a sacrifice. Now, I have no choice but to make a deal of my own or die out in the endless stretch of the Wastes.

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Sons of Stars

Domenic Alderman is a normal 17 year old student who likes to occasionally lift weights.

Winter vacation is over and it’s a week until Domenic’s 18th birthday. At school, nothing special happens, just a new girl named Luna joined his class and she… glows?

Quickly, Domenic’s normal world is flipped upside down as he starts to go through some very strange changes. If being able to run faster than normal and being able to lift weights like they were nothing weren’t strange enough, accidentally turning a potential girlfriend into a sword, and battling strange shadow creatures called Tamas might put a kink Domenic’s graduating plans.

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King of Crows

They are tethered to a dying world and losing hope. Will a girl on the cusp of death be their savior?


The Crows are the noble messengers of the gods.

But all the gods have left…

The world is bearing the mark of their neglect. Slowly, the world is decaying. The Crows are all starving and doing anything they can to survive, but how much longer until there is nothing they can do to live through the undeniable end that is heading their way?

Korbinian, the youngest of the Crows, stumbles upon a sick and dying girl, Adira. Can his blessing to her be the thing that saves them all? Or will they remain tethered to a dying world and share its impending doom?

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